How Can You Get More Instagram Likes?

Talking about today’s world one of the most powerful influencing tool is social media and Instagram is one social media tool used by billions of user’s worldwide. Instagram Likes is basically the term used to count the number of people who actually liked some post of a particular user. It is just a count of likes on a particular profile.

Need for more Instagram likes

‘Instagram likes

Instagram Likes is a very popular term amongst the users as the profile reach and growth is calculated on the basis of it. If a user has a certain number of followers and their profile has very less likes as compared to their followers then it shows that the reach of account is not high and the user might have some fake number of followers. It is also necessary for the promotion of any product as sometimes number of likes mean the total number of amount earned on each post. Every single count has a benefit for the users as well as for brands looking to promote their product over Instagram.

  • Its impact has been huge in the lives of users especially in today’s world of growing social media, where social media is considered as a tool of judgement as well as a trend setter. So Instagram Likes have both positive and negative impact on the lives of users.
  • The positive impact of this is that you get praised for your work and it motivates you to post more and create more posts on a regular basis when any number of users like your post then it makes you feel worthy and gives you an audience to praise for your efforts. According to me this is one the best positive impact of Instagram Likes on user’s lives.


  • Since every positive thing comes with its negative side similarly it also has a negative impact on user’s mental and physical health as well. When the users post or pictures is not liked by the number of people the user expected then it creates a question mark on the user’s mind and then he/she starts questioning their abilities ,their appearances, their creativity etc. and it leads towards depressions and suicides.

Instagram Likes can be considered as a tool to someone’s mind and a tool to question someone’s creativity. If considered seriously then this might play a crucial role in the life of a person especially on the youth as the term “like” is very popular among the youngsters and it affects their daily routine and has a huge role in their lives.